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Elevate Entertainment DJ Updates

5 Practical Tips to Help With Your Wedding Planning

In the 15+ years we’ve been in the industry, we’ve been a part of and helped coordinate countless weddings and special events. We’ve noticed there are some essential things every couple should consider while planning their big day. Here are 5 practical “planning secrets” you may not have thought of that we think are truly useful. We want to make sure your wedding day goes perfectly and according to your unique vision!

  1. Get personal! Hire vendors that you truly connect with on a personal level, not just ones that fit your budget (though this is important as well). Meet with your vendors and get to know them over coffee or drinks, especially vendors that will be playing a big part in your day such as a wedding planner or DJ/emcee. Make sure their personality gels with yours and that they have a good grasp of your vision for your wedding. You’ll be working with these professionals for quite some time while you’re planning your big day, so make sure they’re a great fit!

  2. Don’t be afraid to ask your vendors for tips and recommendations! They should be your go-to experts during the planning process. Feel free to explore and discuss your vision for your day. Perhaps you’re curious which late night snacks are the most popular - ask your caterer for their suggestions! Or maybe you’d like to know more about what additional services a vendor can provide, such as uplighting, ceremony sound system, etc. Because of their experience, your vendors can offer advice on best practices so you have a clear picture of all of your options.

  3. Because of your Pinterest board, you may want to DIY everything. DIY can be cost-effective and add some personal touches to your day. However, try not to go overboard as it can get quite time-intensive to craft so many different projects. And quite honestly some things are best left to the professionals. For things like flowers, food, and entertainment services, professional help may be the best route.

  4. Share something personal or unique with your guests - they’ll love it! If there’s a cultural tradition or custom that is special to you and your family, find a way to incorporate it into your ceremony or reception. If many of your guests do not know how you and your partner met, ask your DJ to find a good time during the reception to tell your love story (our DJs have done it before and it was such a sweet moment every time). There are many things you can do to make your day uniquely you!

  5. Our best piece of advice is to remember that in the end, your wedding will be an incredibly memorable time with all of your close family and friends. So have fun with the planning process! Try to have patience and love to all involved in the planning process. Because at the end of it all, you’ll want to look back at this time and remember the excitement and joy you had.