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Elevate Entertainment’s Custom DJ Services

Personality + DJ + Event Host

It’s funny. We have to call ourselves DJs because it is the most commonly used term for our profession. But DJing is actually the most basic part of our job. We are so much more than just DJs. So what do we really do? Your Elevate DJ will be the Master of Ceremonies who leads and informs the event, the Entertainer that engages with guests, the Disc Jockey who flips the tracks that people will love, and the Experience Creator who draws people in to have the time of their life. Quite honestly, being an Elevate DJ means doing whatever is necessary to keep the event on course, highly engaging, and totally stress-free for our clients. Relax, knowing we’ll handle all the stressful parts. You’ve got celebrating to do!

We are well-known for our high-energy personalities and our ultra-engaging strategies for drawing your guests into the experience. We’re constantly crafting new ways to make our events stand out. After all, we don’t want it to look like the twenty other weddings your guests may go to this year. We want it to stand out powerfully as one of the best memories they’ve ever had. Let’s craft the perfect day together.

Wedding Reception DJ

Custom Wedding DJ Service

Custom dj service

Every experience is custom tailored and uniquely individualized for each of our clients, whether you want epic and energetic or cool and classy. Package includes 5 hours of professional DJ service by an Elevate DJ. Contact us to request details about pricing and availability.

Ceremony DJ Service

ceremony dj service

Ceremony sound production is one of the most critical pieces of your event. If your venue doesn’t come with a sound system, we can supply everything needed to make sure important moments, such as your vows and processional songs, are clear and audible. Our expertise in wedding sound production can give you peace-of-mind that everything will run smoothly. Add-on package includes music coordination, timeline management, confined A/V system, and one handheld microphone.