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Meet Denny Perdue

Denny Perdue, Event Host and Wedding DJ in Springfield Missouri


Denny Perdue

Personality. DJ. EVENT HOST.

HOMETOWN: Kansas City, MO

BIRTHDAY: September 25th

song that gets you pumped up: let me clear my throat by DJ Kool

Working with individuals who share my same beliefs, goals, and passion encourages me to make each moment perfect at my events.
— Denny Perdue


how did you come to be a part of elevate?

There are moments in life you find that are absolutely perfect. After years of working within entertainment, public speaking and event management, I’ve found that helping create those perfect moments for others has become not only a passion, but a core desire of mine. That’s why I chose to join Elevate.

Elevate DJ Denny Perdue

Favorite Part About Working At Elevate?

My favorite thing about working for Elevate is my continual growth towards becoming an event entertainer, the encouragement I have received, and the growth of new relationships!

how would you describe your personality?

Charismatic, enthusiastic, and organized. My results in personality tests have shown that I am a “protagonist,” who are usually charismatic natural-born leaders. Protagonists enjoy reaching out and inspiring others to achieve and to do good in the world.

what is most inspiring to you?

I love seeing how my family reacts to a perfect moment. And now, I also love being able to create that experience for others. My kids tell me I am super extra. I’m constantly looking at special ways to make every moment grand, or bringing in extra equipment to elevate the event experience with mics, props, or custom lighting. I’m always going overboard with the details or set-up to make sure everything looks amazing. And that’s okay! Being extra means the perfect moments will be absolute. Going that extra mile means even those small details that may seem a little extra, will make the event extra special.

Tell us about your favorite music!

My “life song” is simply memory-based. I grew up on music from the 50s and 60s. Because of that, I always go back to “Kokomo” by The Beach Boys. I used to go out to eat at Godfather’s with my parents and my grandmother quite often. Every time we would go, I would go to the jukebox and play that song. The 50s/60s genre of music set the track for my life as I became a drummer and got more involved in sound production. It has given me the foundation for what good music is and who I am today!