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Meet Cassandra Hutchinson

Cassandra Hutchinson, Brand Manager at Elevate Entertainment

Brand Manager Cassandra Hutchinson

Cassandra Hutchinson

Brand Manager


BIRTHDAY: April 15th

Personality type: ENFJ

There’s always something in the ordinary everyday that can be made into an adventure.
— Cassandra Hutchinson


how did you come to be a part of Elevate?

I first met Broc back in my college days, when we were both at the University of Missouri-Columbia. Years later, after seeing Broc in action at a mutual friend's wedding, we chatted about his exciting new venture into starting his own company. We felt it would be a great fit for us to partner up and accomplish some amazing things together!


How Would You Describe Your Personality?

Bubbly, driven, adventurous, and creative.

tell us about one of the most inspiring moments of your life!

Honestly, I feel like I am always chasing after new experiences and challenges, which makes it hard to pick just one inspiring moment! Whether it's completing a 60+ mile bike ride I thought was literally impossible, successfully pursuing a side hustle in photography, or traveling abroad to see what the world has to offer, all these things point me to all of the incredible opportunities that are available to us and how there's always something in the ordinary everyday that can be made into an adventure.

What is one of your favorite life quotes?

“Every dreamer knows that it is entirely possible to be homesick for a place you've never been to, perhaps more homesick than for familiar ground.” - Judith Thurman

What’s your favorite part about working at Elevate?

In a marketing role, it’s so much more rewarding to promote and support something you truly stand behind and believe in. I love working with a team of friends who are genuinely passionate about the people they serve. It’s an honor for me to cheerlead them on and support them in any way I can!