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Meet Your DJ | Broc Barton

Broc Barton


It’s a simple goal—make a difference, one experience at a time.
— broc barton


I seriously love what i do...

I'm blessed beyond belief to be part of so many couples' special day. When I started this journey 15 years ago, I never dreamed I would end up where I am now. I get to take special moments and make them extraordinary. 

My aim is to redefine the idea of the DJ.

I don't actually view myself as a DJ. I view myself as a creator of incredible experiences. I've met too many DJs treat their job as just that... a job. It's not. It's an opportunity to make mind-blowing memories with wonderful people through fun, laughter, and dancing. It's an opportunity to make the most significant day in someone's life perfect! It takes so much more than just pressing play on a song. It requires the uniquely engaging personality of an entertainer, mixed with the technical know-how of a musical engineer, a distinct ability to read audiences, fused with just the right amount of professionalism to keep everything appropriate without being stiff or boring. If you're really good, you cap it with a touch of humor to bring laughter to which everyone can relate. No iPod will manage all of that. After 15 years in the industry, I have also found that most DJs don't either. 

I do this because I get to make a difference.

I believe in the power and the value of these experiences in our lives. I believe these are the moments we look back on in our life thankful we lived them. And I consider myself lucky because I get to help create these kinds of memories for you and others like you. 

If you're looking for someone to just push play on some songs at your reception, then I'm honestly probably not the right guy for your event...and that's okay. But if you're the type who thinks like I do and wants your wedding day to be one of the most incredible memories of your life--as well as all of your family and friends--then please, by all means, get in touch with me. Let's have a coffee and talk about how to make your day amazing. 

I'm looking forward to it. Thanks so much for reading! 


Ps. I frequently get asked if I travel. Absolutely. I LOVE to travel. Let's chat!