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Meet DJ Blaz Barton

Blaz’ Barton, Event Host and Wedding DJ in Springfield Missouri


blaz’ barton

Personality. DJ. EVENT HOST.


BIRTHDAY: September 18th

Service and stride define a culture of great caliber.
— Blaz' Barton


how did you come to be a part of elevate?

I had the opportunity to be a part of a wedding where Elevate hosted the event, and I was in absolute awe of how they went above and beyond the bride and groom’s expectations! They served the guests with heart, passion, and excellence. Upon experiencing that, I had to find out for myself just what it meant to serve in that capacity.


Any favorite life quotes?!

“The condition of a person’s heart will bear greater fruit than the condition of the things that they do.”

how would you describe your personality?

I usually float in between being a commander who can make executive decisions, and the entertainer who loves just being around a crowd of people and going with the flow. I love creating highlight moments that are unforgettable, while serving a bride and groom’s every need.

tell us about one of the most inspiring moments of your life!

Upon arriving to college, I was served by a friend who dearly cared about my well-being. He cared to know who I am, how I am, and why I am. That persistent pursuit created an undeniable desire to be that for others!