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DJ + Band Hybrid Experience

DJ and Live Band Hybrid Experience for Weddings and Special Occasions

DJ + Live Band Hybrid Experience

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If you’re wanting the ULTIMATE entertainment experience for your event, this is it! Imagine a full DJ experience paired with professional auxiliary instrumentalists who wirelessly play along with and over your favorite tracks! With this new, one-of-a-kind hybrid service, you and your guests get the lively, ultra-engaging personality of a DJ while simultaneously enjoying the major entertainment factor of a live band performance. You no longer have to choose between DJ or musicians for your event, you can have both! The DJ + Live Band Hybrid experience… it’s an epic mash-up of the best kind.

Why choose the dj+band hybrid?

how engaging is this experience?

DJ and Live Band Hybrid Wedding

the experience

complete reception coordination

an elevate dj as your event host/emcee

(4) professional musicians (trumpets, sax, horns, percussionists)

premium-grade sound equipment, lighting, 17,000 song library

unique, unparalleled entertainment for your guests