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Elevate Entertainment DJ Updates

Elevate Entertainment DJ Updates

Why Uplighting Could Be Perfect For Your Event


Completely transform the look and feel of your event space! Elevate offers uplighting services, which can help create a unique mood to your reception and totally change the look of the room from dreary to dreamy. Creative lighting is also surprisingly affordable, which is great if you’re watching your budget.

Generally speaking, opt for colors that complement all skin tones, such as pinks, amber, or a soft ivory. But don’t be afraid to go bold with your colors, if that’s your style!

There are several types of products you can use for uplighting, but the safest are LEDs which produce a lot of light while generating little heat. LEDs also come in numerous color options so you can have your pick.

Each of Elevate Entertainment’s uplighting packages is customized to your venue needs and includes a set of powerful LED lights that are completely wireless (absolutely no cables or cords that guests could trip on!). They are also wireless controlled which means we can set them to match your event color palette to start, then begin fading colors later in the event, and finally engulf your party in dance-activated lighting deep into the dancing! Your DJ will manage everything and you’ll never lift a finger. Ask us about our stress-free custom lighting design and we’ll work with you to make sure the atmosphere at your venue is perfect!