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Elevate Entertainment DJ Updates

Elevate Entertainment DJ Updates

DJ versus "Ipod DJ"

Wedding Reception DJ

Let’s talk music and entertainment! When planning a wedding or special event, one major question that tends to come up is whether one should hire a professional DJ or whether they should self-DJ (or what we like to refer to as an “Ipod DJ”). We understand that not everyone has the same vision for their special day. Perhaps a turnt up dance floor is not high on your priorities list.

There might be a situation where an Ipod DJ could be right for your event. However, whether you want a high-energy dance marathon, an elegant affair or a low-key vibe, we truly believe that hiring a DJ is always the way to go. Professional DJs have HUGE advantages over Ipods. DJs are trained to read the room and to know when to inject energy into the crowd or when to slow things down. They interact with guests, teach different dances, and flip the best tracks they know the guests will love. The best DJs are able to get even the shyest guest to relax and have the time of their lives on the dance floor.

We also believe that DJs are not just DJs. They are so much more than that. They emcee the event, help coordinate details, troubleshoot if any issues arise, help out wherever needed, and they make sure everything happens on time and in the right order and according to the client’s vision.

The entertainment at a wedding is what truly stands out in guests’ memories. Let’s work together and make your wedding memorable and completely extraordinary!